Photography is one of the very few hobbies I have stuck with for more than a decade now. From 2011 to 2014, I mostly took photos in Cologne and published them on my dedicated photoblog Secret Cologne. When I moved to Hamburg in 2014, I took the idea with me and published on Secret Hamburg, at least until 2016. Since then, I did not have much time for photography, but I did take at least some photos every year.


A male wild duck is drifting on water.


What are you looking at? I was visiting a Zoo on Fuerteventura and kept wondering where the Cheetah was hiding. Of course, the animal had spotted me a long time ago and way staring at me from the underbrush.

Sunset over New Belgrade

Deep orange tones color the evening sky over the New Belgrade district of Belgrade, Serbia.

Queen Mary 2 at Blohm and Voss

Queen Mary 2 is undergoing maintenance and upgrades at the Shipyard Blohm and Voss in Hamburg

Trail of Fire

A performance with a horse and some fire, taken during the HansePferd Gala Show in Hamburg.

Feuerschiff and Elbphilharmonie during Blue Port

The signal red ship-turned-restaurant "Das Feuerschiff" is docked in the Port of Hamburg during the Blue Port.

Wasserschloss during Blue Port

The Wasserschloss is one of the most popular photo locations in Hamburg's warehouse district, shown here during the Blue Port Art Installation.

Der Wanderer im Nebelmeer

Standing on top of Pico Ruivo on Madeira Island

Black and White Warehouse District

Hamburg's warehouse district in a daytime long exposure turned black and white.

Breitling Jet Team

The Breitling Jet Team flies in Formation above Gdynia, Poland

Nikolaifleet at night

The oldest part of the Port of Hamburg at night

Jökulsárlón Sunset

A stunning sunset turns the sky glowing red at the Jökulsárlón Glacial Lagoon in Southern Iceland. The orange clouds are reflected in the water between chunks of blue ice drifting around the glacial lagoon.

Top of the Rock

Walking around somewhere between the Rock of Gibraltar and the Clouds above.

The Glow above Sheikh Zayed Road

Overlooking Dubai at night from a 40th floor balcony reveals an ocean of lights

Close your Eyes and Jump!

An installation in the largest shopping mall in the world, the Dubai Mall.


Antwerp is a very close contender for the title of second most beautiful city in the world. After Hamburg.

HafenCity anno 2009

A very personal throwback to 2009. So much has changed since then.

Are you leaving?

One of the first pictures I took with a DSLR camera. Always reminds me of where it all began.