About Me


My name is Jan Hapke. I am a Software Engineer and Photographer from Hamburg, Germany.

Software is both a Hobby and a Job for me. I mostly build things on and for the web. Like this and other web sites. I do everything from the frontend (what you see), to the backend (what you don't see) all the way to the infrastructure (which makes it all accessible to you).

Photography is a hobby which I have an on-off-relationship with. I mainly enjoy travel photography, landscape photography and architecture photography. Basically things that do not move. I am especially fascinated by the possibilities that software has brought to photography and sometimes spend hours post-processing my photos or dabbling in computational photography.

Quick Facts

  1. I was born in Hamburg but grew up near Bonn
  2. I taught myself programming when I was a teenager (BASIC on a Yeno Mister-X)
  3. I became a web1 creator when I registered my first Domain in 2000 (hopka.de)
  4. I started photographing digitally in 2001 and with a DSLR in 2008
  5. I became a web 2.0 creator around 2009 on sites like flickr and 500px
  6. I studied Computer Science and have 15 years of professional Software Engineering experience
  7. I am currently going down the web3 rabbit hole