La Virgen de la Peña

La Virgen de la Peña
Camera Model:
Pentax 50-200mm WR
ISO Sensitivity:
ISO 200
Exposure Time:
1/8000 sec
Focal Length:
137.5 mm

Mijas, Spain – September 4, 2012, 07:52

I saw the sun is rising directly behind this statue of the Virgen de la Peña, which sits above the entrance to a little chapel, and wanted to capture a photo where it looks like the sun is the statue's halo.

Getting the shot was not easy, because I had to use a telephoto lens to get the composition I wanted. But when shooting directly into the sun with a telephoto lens, you can't use the viewfinder because it could burn your eyes. And even though the Pentax K-7 has live view, I only got the right shot on the 10th attempt.