The Brandenburg Gate at Night

While I was building this site, I used some photos I had on my old website for testing purposes. One of them was this photo I took of the Brandenburg Gate at night. It was slightly rainy and not many people were out and about. I had only owned my Pentax K-7 for less than a month and was still getting acquainted with the many features of this amazing camera. Definitely a huge improvement compared to the retarded Nikon I had been using before.

Brandenburg Gate at Night

When taking this photo, the parked bike annoyed me a bit and I considered moving it away. But I somehow decided against it and now I quite like having it in the picture. In the background behind the gate there is a truck parked, which fortunately isn’t too dominant in the picture. It belongs to a film crew, preparing the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards.

Quadriga at Night

I didn’t yet own a telephoto lens back then, so the picture of the Quadriga on top of the gate was taken with the 18-55mm kit lens zoomed all the way in. Today, I would probably move further back and take the picture with a longer lens so I could dedicate more of the picture to the actual Quadriga and less to the surroundings.

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