Some more Pictures from Mijas

Well, I didn’t find a picture of a donkey carriage, but I did find one of a horse carriage. Apart from the animal in front, the major difference is that the horse carriages are larger than the donkey carriages. I don’t know how many donkey powers fit into a horse power, but I think horses are better suited for pulling carriages than donkeys.

Horse Carriage

The horse carriages seemed to be really popular with couples and families, but they weren’t popular at all with the drivers of regular cars. Usually, you can’t overtake them in the city because the streets are too narrow, so you have to drive behind them really slowly until either you or they take a different road. Luckily, I only needed to drive down the main street for a very short distance to reach my hotel.

Hotel Mijas

My hotel was the Hotel Mijas, a relatively large four star hotel in the city. I read about hotels in Spain that the 3-star hotels are usually very poor quality and even though I only needed a place to sleep and get breakfast, I decided to get a slightly above average hotel. The hotel looked very nice, both from the outside and inside, designed as I imagine a rural Spanish villa would have looked like about a century ago. And it had free Wi-Fi in the lobby, so I could Skype home and keep publishing new photos on Secret Cologne every couple of days.

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