Random Architecture in Düsseldorf

After my visit to the Ständehaus in Düsseldorf, I decided to explore the city a bit before taking the train back home. The most famous street in Düsseldorf is probably the Königsallee in the center of the city and it wasn’t far to walk there, always guided by Google Maps. Along the way, I passed a tall, modern, oval office building called GAP 15:

Graf-Adolf-Platz 15

It turns out that the name is actually an abbreviation of the address, Graf-Adolf-Platz 15. The building incorporates another historic building on the ground level. During the past couple of years, the all-glass facade had to be repaired twice because windows had fallen off and impacted on the street below. Luckily, nobody was hurt. No windows fell of while I was taking my photos although I have to admit it would have been an interesting “last shot”.

Barcode Facade

The Königsallee didn’t appeal to me from a photographic perspective at all, I guess mostly because the weather wasn’t too good so the light wasn’t beautiful and also because there was some sort of demonstration going on with lots of weird people and police blocking the view. However, towards the end of the Königsallee, there was a big construction site where they are building a new subway line and some new office buildings. I went up a little observation tower to get a better view of things and got this interesting perspective on the facade of a building under construction across from the Steigenberger Park-Hotel. It reminded me a lot of a barcode or QR code, many abstract interrupted black and white lines.

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