Morning above the Mediterranean Sea

When you think about the Mediterranean Sea, you usually think about dirty water and loads of drunken British and German tourists as well as screaming children. At least that’s what my experience had been like. But if you keep a distance of a couple of kilometers, all you see is a beautiful wide plane of blue water. And when you’re a little bit up in the mountains, the climate doesn’t get so hot either.

Road to the Mediterranean Sea

Walking around the city in the early morning was a very calm experience. I guess most of the other people living here and the few tourists were still sleeping. Only some shop owners were opening their stores, getting their merchandise out and cleaning up a bit. The view down the mountain and over the other cities beneath was spectacular. I could look very far in either direction and in the middle, the Mediterranean Sea was stretching towards the horizon.

Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

Even though the sun was still rising, it was already high enough in the sky to not be directly visible inside most pictures. And it still wasn’t high enough to kill all shadows or make the sky appear too bright. At home I don’t normally get the chance to take pictures in the morning hours because I’m either getting ready for work or still asleep.

2 thoughts on “Morning above the Mediterranean Sea

  1. Santosh Vyas

    This is just so awesome!

    This place definitely deserves a visit.. I was under the impression, that being in the Mediterranean would mean oodles of sun, sand and sea.
    A drink or two, few chunks of scallop meat and and waking up next to such a place would make my day 🙂
    In both the pictures, the horizon has been captured so perfectly!
    Enough said, Is this place, somewhere in Western Mediterranean?


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