Looking Down at the Mediterranean Sea

From the terrace of the Ermita de la Virgen de la Peña, I enjoyed a great view over the Mediterranean Sea. Far in the distance, a thin layer of clouds was disappearing for the day and in the front, under the very long shadows of a street lamp and some trees, a bed of flowers was growing.

Lamp and Trees

Every morning, when I was leaving town early, I encountered a couple of city workers who were watering the plants. If they wouldn’t get watered every day, probably not that many beautiful plants would be able to grow in that climate.

Mijas Main Street

The city’s main street is a long and rather small road where you have to drive really slow. There are lots of tourists walking around during the day, and you frequently have to stop for them to cross the road or you get stuck behind a donkey carriage. Maybe I’ll post a picture of a donkey carriage tomorrow if I can find one that I like.
From the top of a building above main street, I could look just over the buildings on the other side of the street and from there straight down the mountain all the way to the sea. I know I keep going on about the view but it is something I don’t normally get to see or pay much attention to.

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