Lone Visitor under the Chandelier

Whenever I promise that I’ll soon do something, soon somehow turns into a longer than anticipated time frame. It’s been more than 3 (very busy) weeks since the last post but now I can finally present a first picture demonstrating the size of the chandeliers inside Sheikh Zayed Mosque. If I’m not mistaken, this should be the central chandelier, and the guy in the picture is walking toward the main door.

Lone Visitor

He was walking away from me, so I didn’t have much time to take the photo. And even though I tried to frame it as symmetrical as possible, something went wrong in the bottom right corner. It is really a bit weird because all the rest of the picture appears very symmetrical. But that’s the part about shooting ultra wide angle (10mm again) – even the slightest movement of the camera can result in large distortions that are impossible to correct in post processing. Especially when taking indoor architecture photos that rely on perspective and have very dominant parallax effects.

Apart from that, the photo does a good job in showing the size of the building and the chandelier. Compared to the man in the bottom, the chandelier is gigantic – easily a few times taller than a person – and the entire room is even larger.

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