Liège-Guillemins by Day

Yeah, I bet you did not see that coming. In May 2012, I had another short stopover in Liège that I used to take more pictures of the station, this time during daylight. It was already early evening, the light for photography was perfect with the sun shining out of a blue sky with a few interesting looking clouds.

Station Clock with Rooftop

At night, the roof already looks spectacular when you only see the white concrete with the black of the night behind it and during the day, the blackness is replaced by the blue sky. The station is called a high speed rail station because it services high speed trains such as the Thalys and ICE next to normal Belgian InterCity trains. There is also the regional train commuting between Liège and Aachen that looks so old you would think they stole it from some museum.

Train from Aachen

It was that same train that I had used during my trip to Charleroi, but I have since learned that the comfort and the time savings of the ICE or the Thalys are well worth the money. And if they don’t fit your schedule well, you can perfectly use the waiting time to marvel at the station and take photos. Or wander into the city and buy some Belgian chocolates. They absolutely deserve their excellent reputation.

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