Liège-Guillemins at Night

While on the way to Charleroi, I got to switch trains in Liège. I knew that the city had a spectacular railway station and managed to book the train ride with a stopover there. The full name of the station is Liège-Guillemins and I had no idea how to pronounce that. Luckily, I bought the ticket at an office of Deutsche Bahn, and they don’t know how to pronounce foreign languages either. So they understood where I wanted to go. Upon arrival, I paid close attention to the announcement on the train, it is pronounced like “Lee esh – gi eh mo”. As you may have guessed, it is also in the french speaking part of Belgium.

Spectacular Roof Construction

The station was designed by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and shows his typical style of white concrete in organic, skeletal shapes. The curved roof raises up very high and does not have any support columns to hold it up. Standing in the middle of the station looking up makes one feel really small. At night it looks especially fascinating because the white concrete is illuminated while the windows in between just show the blackness of the night above.

Pair of Escalators

You need a special permission to take photos with a tripod in this station, so I had to shoot handheld which wasn’t easy in the darkness. That, and the camera I used back then doesn’t perform well in low light situations. So I only got two usable photos from the place but I really like those two.

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