Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Bonn

Cherry Blossoms are hugely popular in Japan, but we also have a few trees in Germany. Most famous is the old town of our former capital, Bonn. There is one road in particular, the Heerstraße, that attracts photographers from all over the world when the cherry trees stand in full bloom for one week in April. I had seen pictures on the internet and put in on my list of to-visit places a while ago already. However, this year the winter had been longer than usual so I wasn’t sure when the blossoms would begin to open up.


My first visit was very early on a Sunday morning while I was traveling through Bonn anyway. The flowers hadn’t opened up yet but looked like they would in a few days, especially because the weather was expected to get warmer. I walked around a bit to get a feeling for good angles and interesting motives in the street and decided to come back later that week.

Cherry Blossoms

I actually ended up visiting this place on three more days with my camera, tripod and various lenses, every time spending the whole evening from the beginning of dusk well into the night, taking pictures. Legions of other photographers apparently had the same idea and I explained to many puzzled pedestrians that we had come in peace, just for the cherries.

King of the Cherry Blossoms

A common grievance among all photographers were the many cars in the street. The ones parked on the side are acceptable, but some park in second row, almost in the middle of the street. This makes it very hard to take good shots that show the street because the cars always disturb the compositions. Normally, a street forms a line that leads the viewer’s eye into the picture, but when a car parks on the street, this is interrupted. Yes, it is possible to take pictures that do not involve the street, but the street would actually be very beautiful without the cars.

Maybe I’ll try again to get a picture with a clear street next year.

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