Hello again!

So I finally decided to have a personal website again. This time I went with WordPress but kept my own Gallery. I didn’t find any acceptable gallery scripts for WordPress anywhere. And it didn’t take that much effort to get my gallery to play along with WordPress. I’m also not hosting this site on a regular web hoster as I normally do, but run my own (virtual) server with everything configured and set up by hand. It was a lot more work to get it running, but it also gives me a lot more control and having a server “out there” is more interesting than juggling around virtual machines on my desktop.

My plan with this site is to finally have a reason to process and post the best of those tens of thousands of photos I have flying around on my hard drives. The same plan has already worked fantastically well with my photos from Cologne. I won’t make and predictions on how often I will post though, because that has never worked out at all.

And now let’s wait for the spammers to find me again. I haven’t gotten around to setting up a spam filter for the comments yet.

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