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Fighting Monkeys in Gibraltar

Taking photos of animals, or people, or anything that tends to move around a lot really is not something I am too interested in. I guess that is because I like taking time to properly compose a photo and I try to capture shapes and colors rather than spontaneous situations.

Sometimes, though, I can’t help myself. Right after walking out of some bunkers in Gibraltar, I spotted these two monkeys fighting on a wall. In Gibraltar, the monkeys aren’t locked away in cages, they just wander around wherever they want, though they usually stay inside a big nature reserve. That’s why you can just casually encounter them while walking around and get really close to them.

Fighting Monkeys

Unfortunately, I still had all the settings in my camera adjusted for taking photos in dimly lit bunkers, so the picture I got came out overexposed. I corrected that as good as I could during raw conversion but the clouds still look a bit funny. I still like the expression on the little monkey’s face, though.

Kaffi Akureyri

With temperatures outside exceeding 30° Celsius today, I felt like looking at some pictures of colder weather. The coldest weather I have ever experienced was probably in March this year in Iceland. The temperatures were around -25° Celsius but because there was also a severe snow storm going on, the windchill was much lower. Packed into several layers of warm clothes and carrying my trusty weather sealed Pentax K-5 II, I went for a little walk outside. The only other option was hanging around the hotel all day because the roads leading into and out of town were closed due to the weather.

Kaffi Akureyri

Akureyri is the largest town in Iceland outside the Greater Reykjavik Area. I wouldn’t have found the center of the city without a phone with GPS and maps because, well, you can’t actually see that much during a snow storm. The local busses were still running, though and I noticed a few people leaving a bus and walking past this coffee shop (which to my amazement was open). I just stood still in the middle of what must have been a street and waited for the right picture. I don’t normally do a lot of street photography but here I was really fascinated by the way people dealt with the extreme weather.