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Web Summit Videos

In November, I attended this year’s Web Summit in Lisbon. It is one of, if not the biggest tech conference on the planet with speakers this year including Edward Snowden, Katherine Maher (CEO of Wikipedia) and Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa (President of Portugal).

After coming home, I wanted to check the video recordings of some of the sessions that would be posted on the Web Summit Vimeo Account. It turns out that it is not really easy to find a specific video there.

So I built a little site that lists all the Websummit Videos together with the information about the corresponding sessions.

Screen Shot

The result can (for now) be found on Github Pages: Web Summit Videos. The sessions can be filtered by the Stage they took place on, the date and whether or not the video has been found yet. I periodically update the page when more Videos become available.

Behind the scenes, I am crawling the Web Summit API to get a list of all the Sessions and then call the Vimeo API to get all the Videos uploaded inside the Web Summit account. Then, I have implemented some matching logic based on the names of the videos, the presenters and some manual overrides.
Then I generate some static HTML pages that can be published on Github Pages, so I do not have to run any backend server anywhere. All filtering happens exclusively in the Frontend with JavaScript.

The code is available on Github: – although the quality of the code can best be described as “throw-away weekend-project”.