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Fighting Monkeys in Gibraltar

Taking photos of animals, or people, or anything that tends to move around a lot really is not something I am too interested in. I guess that is because I like taking time to properly compose a photo and I try to capture shapes and colors rather than spontaneous situations.

Sometimes, though, I can’t help myself. Right after walking out of some bunkers in Gibraltar, I spotted these two monkeys fighting on a wall. In Gibraltar, the monkeys aren’t locked away in cages, they just wander around wherever they want, though they usually stay inside a big nature reserve. That’s why you can just casually encounter them while walking around and get really close to them.

Fighting Monkeys

Unfortunately, I still had all the settings in my camera adjusted for taking photos in dimly lit bunkers, so the picture I got came out overexposed. I corrected that as good as I could during raw conversion but the clouds still look a bit funny. I still like the expression on the little monkey’s face, though.