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The Atomium

The Atomium is Brussels’, if not Belgium’s most iconic landmark. And yes, the Metallic Sphere from last post is part of the Atomium, namely the centermost sphere. The Atomium consists of nine such spheres, each with a diameter of 18 meters and the tubes connecting them have a diameter of more than three meters. That is to say, it is a really large structure.

Atomium and Surroundings

I visited the Atomium on the morning of New Year’s Day 2011, because after spending New Year’s Eve in Brussels, I still had some time until my train departed in the early afternoon. Just like the night before, the weather was quite cold and the city was covered by thick fog. I noticed that even though it was only around 11 in the morning, a long queue of tourists had already built up in front of the entrance. So I decided no to actually enter the Atomium but instead just walk around it. On a nearby parking lot I found a little, half-frozen lake that reflected the structure. Because of all the fog and the very dim sunlight, the entire scene looked almost black and white already, I performed only a very limited amount of post-processing on the picture.

Reflected Atomium

This is one the few pictures that I was so happy with that I had it printed on canvas and put it up on the wall in my apartment. It reminds me of the calm quietness of that morning that marked the beginning of a year that would bring many great memories. I also made an iPhone sized version by cropping a part off at the bottom and adding some white space to the top so I can use it as a lock screen wallpaper. I think it looks pretty cool.

The Atomium as iPhone lock screen wallpaper

Maybe I’ll make another version that fits the iPhone 5 and release it as a free wallpaper. Although I heard that in some countries releasing photos of the Atomium is problematic because of copyright trolls. And of course I would first need an iPhone 5 to properly figure out the exact alignment and size.

A Metallic Sphere

Question: What is this?

Sphere Detail

Hints: It is a metal sphere with some tubes attached to it. There are some reflections. But they are too blurry to see anything. How big is the sphere? Is it very small or is it gigantic? What’s the purpose of the tubes? They are attached with some flexible material, it looks like a spaceship. And what is that in the top left? Another sphere?

I’ll post the solution tomorrow. Or just click on the picture to see it immediately in the gallery.