Bierhaus Machold

Here’s a last photo from the Japanese Cherry Blossoms in Bonn. I walked past this intersection while I was already on my way back to the station. The scene just asked for an ultra wide angle HDR photo. Fortunately, I hadn’t packed away my camera & tripod yet, so I set up shop in the middle of this beautiful cobblestone road and started the first of 3 exposures. Unfortunately, a car appeared from the right and drove towards me. I had to grab my tripod and move out of the way.

Bierhaus Machold

After resetting the camera (by turning it off an on again), I put the tripod back in place, adjusted the composition and started the bracketed exposures again. This time I wasn’t interrupted. After checking that the pictures turned out OK, I had to quickly fold my tripod and run back to the station in order to catch my train. Only then did I find out that the train was delayed – by half an hour.

Fun fact: merging the 3 photos into a single HDR picture, tone-mapping it, combining the tone mapped images and then applying perspective correction and other enhancements to get the photo as posted above took me about 2 hours. Which is not much for this kind of work.

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