Berlin Central Station Underground

OK, it is my plan to post a lot of older pictures here, but I won’t do that in chronological order. Instead, I will jump around and post whatever I find interesting. However, while searching the old Berlin pictures for the last post, I found some more photos from my 2009 Berlin trip that I decided to reprocess with a slightly different look. The originals are still public somewhere on my flickr.

Subway at Berlin Central Station

They are both from the lower levels of Berlin’s central station, where I hung around mostly because the topside weather was really bad and because the architecture and the lighting are very well done. It is amazing that there is thise huge maze of rooms, corridors and shops underground, all heated and illuminated with not that many people passing through. I guess the traffic will increase though, once they move some of the city’s many many construction projects forward.

Lowest Track Level

I like that Deutsche Bahn allows non-commercial photography inside their stations, not many companies do that.

There are some more pictures from my Berlin trips in the Gallery now. Berlin has many great photo opportunities. Once could even move there and start a photoblog. He!

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