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Installing Docker (Daemon) on Alpine Linux

I’m thinking about overhauling the infrastructure behind this site (and others) a bit and want to place as many services as possible into Docker containers that can then run inside a small Virtual Machine on Amazon EC2. So I started playing around with some Virtual Machines locally and since Ubuntu would be too boring, I decided to give Alpine Linux a try. It promises to be really lightweight so that seams ideal as a container host running inside a VM.

After finally figuring out how to install Alpine (which is another story), installing Docker was relatively straightforward based on their Wiki:

  1. Add the Community Repository to the APK Repositories file:
    ~# vim /etc/apk/repositories

    Add the following line:

    Or, if you are using a mirror, use the URL of the mirror, in my case:
  2. Update the list of available software:
    ~# apk update
  3. Install Docker:
    ~# apk add docker
  4. Configure docker daemon to start automatically on boot:
    ~# rc-update add docker boot
  5. Start the docker daemon:
    ~# service docker start
  6. Verify it’s running:
    ~# docker ps

    Output should look like this:


Great, now I have a running Docker Daemon. Time to build a simple container. I quickly created a very short Dockerfile and ran docker build. After downloading some layers, it failed with a very cryptic error message:

failed to register layer: ApplyLayer exit status 1 stdout:  stderr: chmod /bin/mount: permission denied

Searching for this message on Google lead me down many rabbit holes, but ultimately it takes only a single command to make it go away:

sysctl -w kernel.grsecurity.chroot_deny_chmod=0

This disables a security feature inside the Kernel, so it might not be safe for a production environment that runs containers but I think it’s acceptable for the machine that merely builds them.