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Grainy Sunset plus Making Of

During my vacation on the Baltic sea, where we planted a tree, I also took some other photos. One of them was a beautiful sunset behind a field of grain and I thought I’d write a bit about what I did to get the final picture:

Grainy Sunset

About the only thing you can do on a camping trip during bad weather is sit inside and read books or visit Restaurants in the area. We had just returned from a dinner trip when the clouds opened up and the sun came through to mark the end of the day. I grabbed my camera bag from the car and the tripod from the tent and rushed towards the coast. I spotted the field of grains and immediately knew what kind of picture I wanted to take. The idea isn’t that original to be honest.

Behind the field, there was a group of trees with a gap in between. I moved around until the sun fit in the middle of that gap, dropped my tripod into the grains and mounted the camera with the Sigma 10-20mm ultra wide angle lens on it. An ultra wide angle lens can be positioned very close to an object and still capture a really big scene. This results in the grains in the front looking very large while the sky with the sun is still visible.

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Making of “Blue Friday”

My photo “Blue Friday” became picture of the day at the Heise Foto Gallery. I like uploading photos there because the overall style of the photos uploaded by other users aligns with my own and because it’s not as crowded as other places. Anyway, I thought I’d write a little “Making Of” Post with a look behind the scenes of the photo.

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Hamburg’s HafenCity Universität Subway Station

The subway station “HafenCity Universität” in Hamburg was the place where I took the CE marking photo from the last post. But I liked the light installation down there so much that I took a few more pictures of it. The changing colors are reflected on the ceiling and the walls and make it look like three additional beams of light are coming your way towards the exit:

Ausgang Exit

On a weekday around 1pm, there weren’t many people there. But the two or three people I noticed all seemed mesmerized by the light and the colors. One other guy was also taking some photos but left quickly. The platforms look very symmetrical, except the escalators are installed only on one side of the stairs. This bothered me a bit because except for the escalators, the whole place offers perfectly symmetrical photos.

Blue Friday

Once again, I couldn’t resist correcting the symmetry in post processing. For the blue image, I mirrored it along the middle and copied it over to the left side. But because that looked too artificial, I removed some parts of the copy and let the original shine through. So it still isn’t perfectly symmetrical but you can only notice it when you look very closely. A bit of an Easter Egg, I guess.